Volunteering for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in Canada

Help Us Help Our Local Economy!

We’re all worried about the impacts of the Covid-19 global pandemic, from our own health to the health and vibrancy of the communities that all we call home. Our small businesses – which employ 70% of Canadians – are the most vulnerable to the economic catastrophe that comes in the wake of the pandemic.

In life, you and I can’t UNDO the worst impacts of the global pandemic but you and I can DO something to help. We can stay home and stay safe. We can isolate physically but engage socially via our technology. This problem is bigger than any single one of us but the solutions are within our reach if we all do our part.

Volunteer Free Membership – LocaLLinx Canada

We could use YOUR help in building stronger LocaLLinx. If you have development skills, particularly in the areas of web development and user experience, we could use your help, an hour or two at a time. If you have mad social skills, we could use the help in promoting the solution, in getting businesses and citizens engaged in building LocaLLinx that foster community-support local economies. And if you just want to help share the message and spread the word (but not the virus), we’re more than happy to hear from you and are sure to find a way for you to DO something in this time of crisis.

Locallinx - Canada Local Business Support Community

So drop us a line.... and THANK YOU!